Saving Lives One Nation at a Time

Aster DM Healthcare is one of the fastest growing private sector healthcare providers in the Middle East and India. Founded in 1987, the Dubai-headquartered healthcare conglomerate now operates a network of more than 290 establishments covering an array of healthcare verticals – from hospitals, medical centers, pharmacies, diagnostics and specialty centers, healthcare consultancy service, academics & research to a medical college and an advanced medical city.

Looking at the success of the company will lead you to think that this health care business is managed just like any other organization, with profit and returns in mind. Unknown to many, Aster DM Healthcare was actually built because of one man’s desire to help.

Dr. Azad Moopen with the children of Save the Little Hearts program

What started as a medical mission turned out to be a life-long mission for Dr. Azad Moopen, one of the leading business icons in Dubai, UAE, and a healthcare trailblazer in the Middle East and India. He is the chairman and managing director of Aster DM Healthcare, which now has its footprints across boundaries, having operations in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, and several locations across India.

Business and compassion are often seen at two opposite worlds. But the doctor-turned-entrepreneur has dared to combine business and compassion to create a better world for the afflicted in the Middle East, India, and Southeast Asia. An entrepreneurial philanthropist, Dr. Moopen’s drive to help more people leads to the continued expansion of his health care network.

Dr. Azad Moopen visits children with congenital heart disease

During his medical mission in Dubai, he saw the need for better qualified doctors and better healthcare structure. In an interview, he recalled that “people had to wait for long hours to see a doctor and the situation was even more pathetic for those in the lower socio-economic group.” Providing his services for free, Dr. Azad will treat as many patients as he can in one day. Seeing how the people flocked to get treatment, he realized he could not do it alone. He then set-up a medical clinic and brought his doctor friends from India. He saw that the numbers of patients grew steadily that’s why he continued to expand so he can carry on helping more people.

In five years, there were six doctors assisting him in looking after the patients, and added five more clinics in 1997 this time with adjoining pharmacies. In his aim to provide proper healthcare to more people, especially to the needy, the number of clinics grew progressively until it reached its phenomenal growth that we see today.

His business and Foundation clearly shows that everything that Dr. Moopen touches is built around one sole purpose: The welfare of the people. This is the heart of everything that Dr. Moopen’s Foundation and Aster DM Healthcare do. It exists to treat people well whoever and wherever they may be.

Dr. Moopen is a living example that wealth and care do work together.  He is able to find that balance between his profession and commitment on giving back to the society. His deep concern with humanitarian causes paved the way for him to actively invest in causes that have gone a long way in touching the lives of people.

Dr. Moopen’s entrepreneurial achievements have served as a catalyst to his philanthropic ventures. He has introduced social and philanthropic initiatives that are able to cross boundaries. His Foundation engages in  charitable and humanitarian activities that include establishing community dialysis centers, cancer radiation centers, early cancer detection centers, free pediatric and adult cardiac surgeries, and establishing special needs schools for the physically and mentally challenged. Through these programs, Dr. Moopen is able to reach those in need, whether they are in Dubai and other Middle East countries, India, and parts of Africa and Asia, including the Philippines. 

One can say that Dr. Moopen is saving lives one nation at a time. Through his Foundation’s ‘Healing Touch’ umbrella, Dr. Moopen goes out of Dubai and extends its reach as part of its promise to deliver ‘Care beyond Boundaries.’ The organization launched its program called ‘Save the Little Hearts,’ in African countries, Oman, India, and the Philippines. Through the ‘Save the Little Hearts’ program, Dr. Moopen is able to provide free medical assistance to children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD).

The Foundation’s Country Representative, Joyce Alumno, shared that, to-date, the Foundation breathed new life to 23 Filipino children with Congenital Heart Disease by providing free surgeries to these children.

“Dr. Moopen has recognized the plight of CHD kids in the Philippines. Unfortunately, many families with CHD children either have no financial means to get surgery or have no access to hospitals capable of treating CHD,” Alumno explained.

“These children, they could have a bright future ahead of them. They could be good members of the society, if only they are able to get life-saving heart surgeries. And the Foundation – Dr. Moopen – would want to make that happen,” she said. 

And because charity begins at home. Dr. Moopen extended support to his employees who were affected by the recent earthquake in Nepal. Dr. Moopen, his Foundation, and the Aster DM Healthcare medical centers, provided assistance to those who were affected.  Lakpa Tamang, one of the many individuals and families helped, thanked the team for the assistance provided. Tamang shared that they were able to rebuild their homes and through Dr. Moopen’s team’s help, all those who needed medical assistance were cared for one by one.

“I am thankful for the team and Dr. Moopen. They were very generous in helping us deal with the challenges during this time. Dr. Moopen’s employees donated their one day’s salary to help us,” Tamang said.

“As a healthcare provider, our business is to save lives. However, we also believe that in the process, we must go beyond and also try to touch their lives. Having our operations in several locations in different countries, we have realized how important it is to reach out to people across geographies and provide our services to those who really need it,” Dr. Moopen said.

‘Save The Little Hearts’ program is a small step to begin the activities they planned towards enhancing the health and wellbeing of the community at large, according to Dr. Moopen. His foundation aims to extend their not-for-profit activities here with a large gamut of services aiming to promote overall wellness in the Philippines.

For more information about Aster DM Healthcare and DM Foundation, visit and, respectively.




Prestigio arrives in the Philippines

Another mobile brand enters the smartphone market in the Philippines.  This time it’s the European brand Prestigio, a brand known for providing high-quality products with cutting-edge technology at prices within reach .  The one only European mobile brand that’s now in the market, Prestigio entices the Filipino mobile consumers to #ExperienceRefinement with the introduction of its first lineup of smartphones.

“Prestigio is taking the first step to enter this fast-growing and competitive smartphone market. The Philippines is our very first official distributor in Asia, demonstrating our confidence that we will be able to extend our global reach into the Filipino mobile market. After seeing Prestigio gain strong traction in several markets as a credible alternative to established brands at extremely competitive prices, we now look forward to replicating this success in the Philippines,” said Mr. Sergey Bezruchenok, Product Development Manager of Prestigio Global.

The international brand has massively gained popularity in Europe, the Middle East, as well as several regions of Africa – currently represented in 32 offices and sold in 70 countries. After successfully leaving footprints in the international arena, Prestigio hopes to make an impressive mark in the Philippine smartphone market with the introduction of its Multiphone smartphone line: the 3 Series Multiphone 3450 Duo and 3502 Duo, the 5 Series Multiphone 5454 Duo, 5550 Duo, and 5508 Duo, and its Windows Phone 8.1 Multiphone 8500 Duo.

We at Prestigio are all very excited about our products entering one of the most dynamic, aggressive and competitive smartphone markets in Asia, if not the world,” Jojit Alcazar, Prestigio Managing Director said. “In bringing this new range of smartphones to the Philippines, we hope to let Filipinos experience refinement, and a taste of unparalleled European design, aesthetics, technology and performance. As we usher in the Multiphone series to the local market, we seek to deliver the optimum mix of the highest quality and advanced technological features with competitive pricing.

Alcazar said the Prestigio Multiphone series is perfectly targeted at the growing number of cost-conscious but intelligent smartphone buyers in the Philippines, who want a phone that can keep up with various kinds of lifestyles. “We understand the unique and different needs and behavior of Filipino mobile consumers, which is why Prestigio has come up with a range of options that will fit their lifestyle and budget,” Alcazar added.

Leading the Prestigio Multiphone series is the exciting new phablet, the 5550 Duo. A 5.5-inch display is more than just a trend in modern smartphone development: it’s an absolute advantage that allows users to enjoy the ultimate opportunities of mobile Internet. Watching video streams in HD quality, and playing online games are simple tasks for the powerful processor of the Multiphone 5550 DUO. The quality of image and video playback on a large 5.5’’ high-end IPS display is just amazing, and comes with the advanced Gorilla Glass 3 protection. What’s more, for a big phone, it sports a very slim and sleek body with clean lines and soft-touch finishing to ensure superior look and feel.

Watching video streams in HD quality, and playing online games are simple tasks for the powerful processor of the Multiphone 5550 DUO
Watching video streams in HD quality and playing online games are simple tasks for the powerful processor of the Multiphone 5550 DUO

Extremely powerful, the Multiphone 5508 Duo delivers performance which is miles ahead of the competition with its best-in-class Octa Core processor. Offering outstanding energy efficiency, one can enjoy long hours of business and personal usage with unlimited multitasking, superior imaging, complemented by the latest Android 4.4 KitKat, crystal  clear content delivery on an IPS screen with DragonTrail Glass protection. What’s more, the 5508 Duo is built with a light body, minimalistic design and metal finishing that conveys a premium look. It also comes with a back case – a stylish accessory to complement your gadget.

Performance and power made possible by its best-in-class Octa Core processor
Performance and power made possible by its best-in-class Octa Core processor

The Multiphone 3502 Duo, on the other hand, makes each smartphone experience enjoyable with its advanced smartphone features at a price one can easily reach. Fans of widescreen will be in for a treat, as the 3502 Duo offers a sharp and spacious 5.0” IPS display, quad core processor, enhanced camera, Dual SIM and Android KitKat. It sports a curved body and soft-touch finishing for superior look and feel. With its stylish design, a set of pre-installed applications and a reasonable price, the 3502 Duo makes it a perfect smartphone for today’s on-the-go lifestyle.

Perfect smartphone for today’s on-the-go lifestyle
Perfect smartphone for today’s on-the-go lifestyle

Catering to those in need for speed, the new Multiphone 5454 DUO boasts of a powerful mix of design, engineering and network solution with the latest 4G LTE technology. It brings the most advanced performance that anyone could ever ask of a smartphone, giving you the ability to do more: streaming without interruption, seamlessly play multi-player games, browsing faster than ever before, downloading a full-length HD movie in seconds. Its cutting-edge mobile features perfectly matches the high speed 4G network and Snapdragon processor on board that gives mind-blowing performance.

Most advanced performance that anyone could ever ask of a smartphone
Most advanced performance that anyone could ever ask of a smartphone

Windows phone enthusiasts can revel in the Multiphone 8500 Duo, packed full of features that help you capture and share what matters most as well as work on the go: crystal clear 5.0” IPS display with Gorilla Glass protection, quad core CPU, 8.0 MP advanced camera,  fast internet connection, Dual SIM and the latest Windows phone features built-in. It is a smartphone that was reinvented around you with a smart technology to inspire your world and let you express yourself. Its exquisite body is covered with soft-touch texture.

This is for those Windows phone enthusiasts
This is for those Windows phone enthusiasts

The Multiphone 3450 Duo, meanwhile, boasts of impressive features that offer the best value for money. Advanced yet affordable, the 3450 Duo carries the latest smartphone features: sharp 4.5” IPS display, powerful Quad core processor, 8.0MP camera, Dual SIM, all powered by incredible Android 4.4 KitKat. Its elegant and compact design means it will fit perfectly in your pocket, as well as fitting in with your style.

Impressive features that offer the best value for money
Impressive features that offer the best value for money

All products in the Multiphone series come with dual SIM capabilities, to enable one to keep personal and business calls separate, but conveniently carry only one phone. Prestigio’s offerings are also built with superb camera features, allowing one to capture exceptionally high-quality photos and videos.

The Prestigio MultiPhone line up comes with the following retail prices: 3450 Duo (Php 5,699.00), 3502 Duo (Php 6,199.00), 5454 Duo (Php 8,799.00), 5550 Duo (Php 8,999.00), 8500 Duo (Php 9,699.00) and 5508 Duo (Php 13,899.00).

Prestigio does not stop at providing style and performance – it also offers MultiStore, a marketplace providing an easy access to a great number of free, discounted and downloadable applications that are specially designed and carefully selected to be used on Prestigio devices worldwide. Taking particular consideration on each customer’s needs, Prestigio lets one avail of free service at any service center in any country that has Prestigio presence.

Prestigio is distributed in the Philippines by Veracity Mobile, a consumer electronics and solutions distribution company initially folded into Veracity Synergy Solutions — an established telecommunications services and solutions provider in the Philippines. To know more about Prestigio’s Multiphone smartphone products, visit

Melawares Crowns New “Cusina Idols”

Armed with their cooking skills and fueled by their passion for food, a cooking enthusiast and a culinary student bested other finalists on the most exciting culinary competition to date, “The Next Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge,” hosted by Melawares, the popular high-quality melamine tableware, and Urban Kitchen, the complete restaurant and food service solution.

Winner for the Cooking Enthusiast Division Mercedita “Neneth” Madrona

Mercedita Madrona bagged the title in the Cooking Enthusiasts Division with her innovative fish recipe, Adobo Marinated Hito in Sisig Wraps, while Kimberly Jane Solejon emerged victorious in the Culinary Students Division after serving her winning dish Pan-Roasted Chicken Breast with Chinese Sausage Stuffing.

Winner of Culinary Students Division Kimberly Jane Solejon

As the “Cusina Idol” champions, each winner received a total of P250,000 worth of kitchen showcase from Melawares, Perfect Dining, Bestware or Urban Kitchen. Meanwhile, the other finalists went home with P25,000 worth of kitchen showcase.

Serving as their cooking arena was the Global Culinary and Hospitality Academy in Pasig City, where other gastronomic dishes were featured. In the Cooking Enthusiasts Division, finalists whipped up Fish Tortilla with Mom’s Most Requested Salad, Escalope Sea Bass with Celeriac Puree and Red Wine Sauce, Pan Seared Tuna with Cream Cheese, Tomato and Squash, and Crispy Fish Nest with Hoisin Chili Fillings. Finalists in the Culinary Students Division, on the other hand, brought to the table Pancetta-Wrapped Chicken Breast with Brussels sprouts and Mashed Roasted Squash, and Cheesy Chicken Tarts.

The Cusina Idols finalists were asked to cook and present their star dishes on the spot within one hour, and were judged based on the taste of their dishes (50 percent), cleanliness and preparation (20 percent), and plating and presentation (30 percent).

Adobo Marinated Hito in Sisig Wraps

Before advancing to the final round, the competitors underwent a rigorous preliminary round, after purchasing P500.00-worth of Melawares, Bestware, Perfect Dining, and Urban Kitchen products and filling out an online contest registration found at the Melawares Cusina Club Facebook page.

Pan-roasted Chicken Breast with Chinese Sausage Stuffing

Each contest participant was required to cook one original main entrée dish choosing between fish and chicken. Using Melawares, Perfect Dining, Bestware or Urban Kitchen products for the final plating, they took photos of their entries and posted it to the Melawares Cusina Club Facebook page. Winners were chosen based on the plating, cleanliness and preparation, and number of Facebook shares.

“It is no secret that Filipinos are foodies at heart, with some of our best chefs making waves at the international food industry. However, while the culinary talents of our Filipino cooks are unquestionable, food presentation poses a challenge to most. Fortunately, Melawares and our other lines are now making it easier to serve not only genuinely delicious food, but beautiful and appetizing-looking as well. With the Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge, we are excited to see the best and brightest culinary stars in the Philippines,” said Chriselda Chua, Marketing Manager of CDC Manufacturing Corporation, makers of popular tablewares brand Melawares and other quality tableware since 1969.

From a company that sourced its products through importation, CDC Manufacturing Corporation now carries four brands, namely, Melawares, the classic brand that carries high-quality melamine tableware products, Bestware, its affordable line of tableware products, Urban Kitchen, the company’s modern brand that carries food service products outside of melamine tableware, and Perfect Dining, the company’s exclusive brand for the SM chain that carries high-end melamine products, on top of being the leading manufacturer of customized dinnerware for Quick Service Restaurants serving the biggest names in the food industry.

For more information about the Cusina Idol Cook-Off Challenge, visit

PH Hotels Ready for Global Market — ADB – Canada

Philippine hotels and resorts in key island destinations are ready to compete in the global marketplace, according to the initial findings of a team of International Accommodation Assessors (IAAs) who joined the Department of Tourism (DOT) in conducting a national review of accommodation standards last month.

The team of IAAs composed of ten experts from different countries said Philippine hotels and resorts including the small players have ‘very high standards’ in keeping the unique Filipino hospitality, one of the country’s competitive advantages.

“The warmth of welcome for guests in all types of accommodation is almost unique among international destinations. There is a real potential for the Philippine tourism industry. Some hotels and resorts need to invest to improve, but the new rating system can help identify where to focus that investment,” the initial report noted.

New standards under the Hotel and Resorts Quality Assurance and Accreditation System aim to assist visitors in terms of the quality, service and comfort provided by accommodation businesses of all sizes and types in the Philippines.

The system which was launched last year reviewed 144 hotels and resorts in the country’s main island destinations such as Cebu, Bohol, Davao and Palawan. The DOT tapped international assessors to ensure that the review is based on accepted international standards.  The review itself is part of a technical assistance funded by the Government of Canada and administered by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) aimed at improving competitiveness in the tourism sector, in time for the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) integration. ASEAN member countries include the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Brunei.

Undersecretary Maria Victoria V. Jasmin, Chairperson of the DOT Project Steering Committee, said the technical assistance is crucial in helping the department to implement Improving Competitiveness in Tourism, a roadmap designed to increase foreign tourist arrivals to ten million by 2016.

“Data will be carefully analyzed in order to further strengthen and develop the accommodation standards system and enable us to compete at the highest international levels in the future,” said Undersecretary Jasmin.

Undersecretary Jasmin added, “these new standards will help guide Philippine hotels and resorts on where they could invest to further improve their businesses. They are shown to be equally effective in identifying excellence, enabling the finest properties and managers to show the way for others. The standards clearly identify examples of best practice for use by all types and levels of accommodation.”

Hotel owners and senior managers in all the properties visited welcomed the new set of standards as they see it as a significant improvement on the old standards introduced in 1992. “Owners and managers welcomed the introduction of the internationally understood one to five star grading approach. They understood that not everyone can be, or should be, five stars and that some of the most successful hotels and brands internationally hold two or three stars,” Undersecretary Jasmin said.

Final results of the assessment will be released in September 2014.

Lay Bare says: Strands Out!

Shave, tweeze, pluck, repeat – That’s the hair removal regimen we Filipinos were used to. Enter Lay Bare Waxing Salon.   Starting out five years ago, Lay Bare now has 31 branches nationwide, with 19 branches located in major spots around the metro.  From a small shop with only two technicians, Lay Bare has not only redefined hair removal, they’ve also added a new definition of “Brazilian” to the Filipino vocabulary!

Lay Bare Waxing Salon has recently hit the fashion ramp to show you the beauty of waxing with the smoothest fashion show ever to walk the runway.  Dubbed “Strands Out,” the event showcases the body as a canvas of Japanese and African inspired artworks.  The artists will also touch on their versions of such looks as the “Marie Antoinette”, as well as the ethnic art of Pintados.  The sexy fashion walk will be top-billed by no less than GMA 7 heartthrob Aljur Abrenica, and one of the hottest models in the country, Ornusa Cadness.

Let Lay Bare’s Strands Out fashion show inspire you to discover the benefits of smooth skin, free from unwanted hair.

Hair removal is part of our beauty and hygiene regimen, something that different people do in different ways – some prefer shaving or plucking, while others prefer painless depilatory creams; what Lay Bare offers is a convenient hair removal alternative that better matches today’s lifestyle trends: Easily accessible professional waxing service that give you 2-6 weeks of smooth, fuzz-free skin!

Since opening their first branch in 2006, entrepreneurs Fiona and Monique Hilario sought to capture their niche of the hair-removal market by offering a special set of services not available from the mainstream all-around beauty salons.  The Hilario sisters conceptualized a “waxing boutique” that would concentrate solely on providing customers with a stress-free hair-removal experience by offering a full-range of professional body waxing services.

The stress-free experience begins when you enter the salon, where the mood is set with Lay Bare’s Asian Fusion-inspired look.  Friendly staff welcome you against a backdrop of natural colors and native furniture pieces, complemented by acrylic bead curtains, minimalist accents, private cubicles and comfortable beds— all combining to create a most soothing environment.

The biggest difference between Lay Bare and any previous traumatic experience you might have had with hair removal? We can name two: the scalding wax and the quick rips on your skin. In place of those, Lay Bare has pioneered the use of cold wax jelly and an innovative patch-waxing technique.

Made from all-natural ingredients that suit extra-sensitive skin, Lay Bare’s cold wax jelly virtually eliminates incidents of nicks, cuts or burns, and is a relatively comfortable procedure.  Combined with Lay Bare’s patch-waxing technique, skin trauma is further reduced by removing a small section of hair at a time.

They say beauty comes at a cost; thankfully, Lay Bare offers feel-good, pampering services at an affordable price.  As for the pain? You can take a pain-killer for that.   Visit one of Lay Bare’s 31 branches to experience hair-free smoothness today.

The Lay Bare “Strands Out” fashion event was made more memorable with the participation of Bioessence, Mosbeau, PLDT, Freshman Masculine Wash, Ipanema, Nail It, Sassa, Sky Cable, Pond’s, The Body Shop,ETC, and RX 93.1.


New effective and smart skincare for the one who deserves it most

Think of one person who spends most of her time caring for others and you’ll no doubt think of mom. In fact, our moms focus so much on taking care of us that oftentimes, she tends to overlook her own needs. For example, when budgeting for necessities, she would prioritize the family and put her skincare needs at the bottom of her list.

That’s because with the high cost of living, moms usually feel guilty about spending money on little luxuries like pampering her skin.

Not anymore. For the woman who works hard everyday to care for everyone but herself, there’s new Eskinol Ageless, the newest innovation from Eskinol that guarantees positive results based on safety, clinical and home use tests: Reduced dark spots and fine lines in one week and reduced wrinkles in four weeks!

But best of all, this great anti-ageing formula is available in affordable sachets for only P20,  so moms can now pamper themselves and give their skin the best treatment it deserves.   With Eskinol Ageless, they can look young and feel that their children are proud of them when someone comes up to them and says, “Wow, you look so young, parang kapatid mo lang ang anak mo.”

That’s because this new anti-ageing line contains a special ingredient called Firm-up Complex, a unique formula that combines Peptide Plus and Soy Protein to restore the firmness and elasticity of skin, protecting it from wrinkles and premature sagging. It also contains collagen, pro-retinol and minerals to stimulate skin cell regeneration and reduce appearance of wrinkles and age spots.

And because the day cream and night cream deliver great benefits together or individually, you can choose the anti-ageing skincare regimen that works best for your lifestyle.

Moms who are conscious about protecting skin from the sun and harsh environmental elements when going outdoors should start their day by applying the Eskinol Ageless Facial Toner (available in 100ml and 50ml bottles) to remove residual dirt, followed by the Eskinol Ageless Day Cream (available in 30g jar and 10g sachets) which also contains Vitamin B3 to minimize age spots, and SPF 18 and PA+ for dual UV defense and protection against damaging rays of the sun.

Moms who prefer to pamper their skin at the end of the day should go for the night skincare regimen. Start off with the Eskinol Ageless toner, followed by Eskinol Ageless Night Cream (available in 30g jar and 10g sachet) which contains Amino Acids and Moisturizing Complex that work deep into the dermis, so even while you’re asleep, your skin continues to repair and renew itself!

By using Eskinol Ageless, visible results are immediately noticeable—in one week, fine lines and age spots are visibly reduced and, after four weeks of continuous use, wrinkles are dramatically diminished!

With Eskinol Ageless, today’s moms can continue to care for the ones she loves while giving herself the skin-pampering care she totally deserves.

Big&Small Company celebrates another milestone with you

Moms and kids’ favorite one-stop clothing shop is growing a year older this July.  And, there’s no better way to celebrate it, but to share this milestone with its loyal patrons.

Big & Small Company, the company that brings you clothing brands Big&Small, Spin, and Orange Juice, as well as the high fashion boutique brand for moms H.A.B. Maternity and More, is having its annual July Anniversary sale as its way of saying ‘thank you’ to its consumers.  From July 9 until August 31, fashionable moms and kids can visit any Big & Small Company branch and enjoy as much as 50% discount!

Since its foundation in 1989, the Big & Small Company has continued to evolve with its customers.  Joanna Ongpin-Duarte, president of Big & Small Company notes, “The team behind Big & Small Company are also moms and that is our advantage.  We understand what parents and kids want, because we experience them as well.  We are involved in the creation of clothes under the brand and we ensure that we live up to the standards of quality each scrutinizing mom is after.”

“As we celebrate our 21st year, we are committed to continue what we’ve started – make shopping and clothing time a happier experience for both moms and kids,” Duarte shares.

The sale covers all brands to provide moms variety of choices for kids of all ages.  They can check out fun, bright, classic clothes with character whether for boys or girls aged zero to eight at Big&Small.  For boys until 14 years old who are energetic, and always on-the-go, you can explore the clothes from Spin.  Let’s not forget the ‘tween girls who are striking the balance in their choices of clothes between being young and fashionable.  The clothes from Orange Juice will surely interest them.

Celebrate with Big & Small Company! Visit their 3-in-1 stores are located at Greenbelt 5 Ayala Center Makati, Market Market Global City Taguig, V-Mall Greenhills Shopping Center San Juan, TriNoma Quezon City, Glorietta 3 Ayala Center Makati, Fun Ranch Pasig City, SM City Pampanga.